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About Glenda Lunsky & Associates

Glenda Lunsky & Associates have a staff complement of skilled employees and are associated with many other professional talented designers, technicians, architects, sales, administrative, management, support and the like; making use of technology, such as AutoCAD. We are an independent interior design consultancy, with no allegiance or tie to any one manufacturer. The benefits of this are the complete freedom of choice of products, services and suppliers. We operate at all levels, subject to client directive and requirements, from corporate head offices to highly cost effective budget driven solutions.

Glenda Lunsky is the founding member of Glenda Lunsky & Associates, with some twenty plus years experience in all fields of design. With Glenda’s talent & ability on vision and concept, her works are validated by having been appointed by many clients often more than once, for offices and other areas up to 35 000sqm in total in and around South Africa.

Given her many years in this industry, she has developed several reliable, quality and cost effective sub-contractors whom she would wish to bring to the project, should this be available and convenient to the client, to support the success and quality of her expectations.

As each client’s requirements are so diverse, we work closely with them and the Professional Team to understand the company culture and interpret this accordingly to create any environment that is cost effective, appropriate and aesthetically pleasing. This very often means custom designing residential homes and developments, corporate offices and all others, as described, to achieve a functional and meaningful solution.

All Projects have been outstanding and all successful. Each and every project Glenda has designed and managed has been completed and acclaimed by her client. Glenda has been honoured with a fellowship award for Design and Service Excellence from London’s well renowned designer, David Hicks and also received The Star Newspaper Award. She is ably supported by a superb management and design team.

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