Our Clients


  • AC Nielsen
  • Ahcomm
  • Arum Metro Taxi Project
  • BMW Lyndhurst
  • BMW Marlborough
  • Brian Burt Insurance Brokers
  • City Property Group - Head Office
  • Coca Cola
  • Consol Glass
  • Decillion
  • Diallo Media Centre
  • Firestone - Head Office
  • Firzt Realty
  • Genkor Aviation
  • ISCA Taps
  • Land Rover
  • Legacy Ventures
  • Meritor Group
  • Polaris Shipping Lines
  • South African Breweries
  • Taback, Pelkowitz and Berman
  • Vodacom

Hotels / Restaurants

  • Casa Da Sol Hotel
  • Don Group Hotel
  • Casino projects x 3
  • Liquorice Moon - Restaurant
  • Gypsy Lounge - Restaurant
  • Iguana -- Night Club, Bar, Restaurant

Shopping Malls

  • Boksburg, Killarney & Northgate Mall

Residential in South Africa

  • Developments of homes in and around South Africa and overseas
  • Many homes of CEO's whose Office Projects I have completed successfully
  • 3 of My Own Homes... (Designed and Built from Greenfield)
  • Many Clients whose homes I have done 2 and 3 Times
  • Assisting community Projects and also assisting Youngsters who need guidance from design centres and college
  • Others - too many to mention ranging from R500k refurb to R20M new.

Residential out of South Africa

    Presidential homes - Botswana
    • Turnkey designed, built and project managed 27 homes working with Chinese Labourers in Botswana and Botswana Architects.
  • Appointed thereafter for Botswana Developments and presented Botswana Civic Design

Medical Centres - Hospitals - Clinics etc.

Right To Care (RTC) - HIV/AIDS clinics made up of consulting rooms, nurse stations, waiting areas, receptions, pharmacies and counselling rooms (14 in total around SA. Each created from existing parking garages or extended to unused areas):

  • Helen Joseph Hospital (6000 sqm)
  • Atrium
  • Bekkersdal West Clinic
  • Crosby Clinic
  • Endenvale Hospital
  • GDH Clinic
  • Hillbrow childrens hospital
  • Ivory Park Clinic
  • Jan Kempdorp Clinic
  • Kimberly Clinic
  • Kuruman Clinic
  • Leratong Clinic
  • Shongwe Clinic
  • Springbok Clinic

Crescent Clinic - Design only Rehab clinic (To enable client to have as much space and beds as possible to purchase building and negotiate with Landlord - GL&A design afforded 20% extra beds over other architects). Right To Care HIV / AIDS Research.

Donald Gordon Medical Centre - Glenda personally spearheaded Specialists for this Centre, and designed the building. She interviewed and assisted in headhunting Medical specialists to buy into the concept. The final presentation, too detailed by Glenda , was taken to Mr Gordon by his Daughter Wendy Appelbaum to the acceptance of R160M for the project. She has a personal written acceptance of "job well done" from Mr Gordon for putting the works together.

  • Elizabeth Glaser Ped HIV Centre
  • Head office 2009 - 2010
  • Hospice, Houghton

Non Profit Project - Assisted an additional wing, refurbishment, added joy and refreshed the entire project with all patients and staff in mind.

  • Refurbishment of doctors' rooms, rest rooms, interns sleeping quarters, rest room & cloaks. 7 floors of various areas.
  • RHRU - HIV / AIDS Research
  • CHC Hilbrow Johannesburg General Hospital - 5th floor (1 entire wing - was opened to court yard in centre for patients to use as outdoor facility with benches and garden - 1st in Gen)