Glenda Lunsky & Associates pride themselves in twenty years of corporate turnkey property design where clients have used Glenda Lunsky and Associates to find properties in working with agents right through to space planning on a one-to-one consultation with each member of staff for function and flow of their departments. Glenda Lunsky & Associates then Project Manage and supply all of the details and full fit out finishes. Glenda Lunsky & Associates pride themselves in completion within time and under budget.


Glenda Lunsky spends ample time with the client to thoroughly grasp the clients desires, approaching every project with a strapping awareness of the special quality, desires and functionality of the clients dream. Noticeably conscious that the clients needs have to be met with precision and sensitivity. We meet the clients requests, in style, and with acute personal integration. Our residential projects have confirmed to be innovative and artistic.


Glenda Lunsky & Associates too have access to a wide range of expertise covering Engineers, Surveyors, Operational Analysis, Technical Back Up, Site Management of all fields, etc. Given our many years in this industry, we have developed several reliable, quality and cost effective Developers, Contractors, And Sub-contractors. All Producing cost effective services and products on time. Our operations continue through, to all the details as given with this portfolio till completion.