The Team


CEO/Interior Designer/Interior Architect

Glenda has been honoured with a Fellowship Award for Design and Service Excellence from David Hicks, London's (late) world renowned designer David Hicks and also received The Star Newspaper Award. Glenda Lunsky is the founding member of Glenda Lunsky & Associates, with 30 years of experience in all fields of design. Glenda has headed her own company – At one time, speared Projects with up to 12 staff and over 40 associates.
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Dave Nemeth is a qualified designer who has held a variety of senior as well as executive positions with some of the countries leading retail groups, spanning a career of twenty years. He is the owner of a trend consulting business and is often referred to as one of the countries leading trend analysts and creative thinker, by a host of publications and media.
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Projects and Marketing

Vivian Xypteras has worked at the Italian South African Chamber of Trade and Industries for close to ten years. Under her field of experience and commitment Vivians' works included: Project Management, Focusing on Cost effective Projects, Business analysis, Market research and Sales.
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Interior Designer and Artistic Impressionist

Madelien is an interior designer specialising across the board of all aspects. Challenges are enjoyed and handled "head on" with confidence and pride at all the results she achieves. From interpretation of the client brief, she creates a concept that is not only aesthetically special, but also functional and feasible.
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