Residential Space Planning

Space use analysis for your specific needs. Being design solutions for all environments. The investigation and understanding of your requirements.

Corporate Space Planning

We actualise your spatial needs before you consider relocating. Space use analysis for your specific needs. Being design solutions for all environments. The investigation and understanding of your requirements for the finest suitability of any environment. That is, which is the most economical footprint, and critical dimensions with all your requirements focusing for today, 3 years, 5 years and the future.

Design And Finishes

Our choice of finishes is not only aesthetically pleasing they are up to date and you can be assured that in 10 years time they are still within the range of finishes being used. Employees are motivated by the look and feel as well as enhance productivity. The durability and flexibility of our choices ensure the cost effective range looks timeless. It’s about being innovative and creative not extravagant nor wasteful.

Fine Décor and Art

Decor is best described as being able to finely tune furniture, fittings sculptures, rugs etc. into a well planned, functional and of excellent taste.

The rule of decor is to compilement the owner by creating moods and ambience to fit with their everyday luxury or casual lifestyles.

Art is not necessarily collective items which create major expense and have ruined many a budget. Art is too lithographs and even posters which are enhanced and made to look special with their detailed framing. Final installation changes dimensions to any wall or area by the way it is hung and is aesthetically appealing.

However fine art and collectors items are too supplied through well known local and international art galleries that carry formal documentation.


Architecture can be described as the design of the human environment, mostly buildings, groups of buildings and often the spaces between the buildings.

It also describes their urban context, their gardens, spacing their construction, all form part of the activities of the architect. Architects are expected to practice a wide variety of skills and have a problem solving managerial, communication , social literacy and entrepreneurial abilities.

Most architects work in groups with interior designers so they may concentrate on the aspects above.

Quantity Risk Analysis

Quantitative Risk Analysis is the process for numerically analysing the effect on overall project objectivities of identified risks.

On the base of the results of the Qualitative Risk Analysis the "Quantitative Risk Analysis" is performed on risks that have been prioritized and analyses the effects of those risk events and assigns a numerical rating to those risks.

Instead of estimating the single impacts by using a raw typology in the process of Quantitative Risk Analysis the impacts to the whole project will be made computable and will be computed for generating a more elaborated total ranking.


Clients expectation of a “turnkey project” is that the project is returned to them fully operable when signed off by The Project Manager and ready to move in.

Turnkey includes all from the initial brief of the design of the project to snags and fine detail. The result is that the client will only have to turn a key, to have the project up and running.

Turnkey too would be organizing various components of a project to ensure everything goes as planned, which entails working with clients, team members and contractors, budgeting, projecting cash flow and keeping an eye on expenses.